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Private Coaching and Group Coaching Programs

 Are you at a crossroads in building your business, advancing in your career, or creating a vibrant, rewarding life? The road that lies before you can easily cause confusion, concern, and indecisiveness. With success and maturity come choice, and this can cause stress. "What will be" calls to you while "what was" and "what is" compete for your attention, energy, and focus. 

At critical developmental junctures such as these, you are wise to consider hiring a personal coach or enrolling in a group coaching program.  Whether you choose to work with Ed one-on-one for more personalized coaching or decide that the synergy available via a group setting appeals more to you, the ultimate goal is creating the life you aspire to: the life that calls to you.

A skilled coach can help. Through Ed's private coaching  and group coaching programs, you will:

  • Find your voice
  • Fine-tune your processes
  • Develop stronger client relationships
  • Establish a compelling vision for your life and work
  • Gain clarity, purpose, and direction in pursuing your vision

Each coaching relationship is unique -- it is co-created based on your goals, skills, experiences and resources. Ed's coaching process, while strength-based overall:

  • Engages your participation and creativity
  • Draws out your values, gifts, and aspirations
  • Helps you tap into your best inner guide
  • Provides support, guidance, options, and feedback
  • Offers active recommendations and direction if desired

Group Coaching sessions forming now:

  • Meet virtually with Ed Jacobson and 7 accomplished peers 1x a month for 6 months
  • Each coaching call lasts 90 minutes
  • There is peer coaching and homework in between sessions
  • At the conclusion of the 6 month program, you'll spend 30 minutes in a private coaching session with Ed
  • Your investment is just $150 per month

Please contact Ed for information on Individual Coaching or Group Coaching.

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